Amazon Lesbian Romance Best Sellers

Amazon Lesbian Romance Best SellersIf you are looking for Amazon Lesbian Romance Best Sellers, you have come to the right place. “The House of Romance, 18 Book Collection,” has hit the Amazon Lesbian Romance Best Sellers list several times.

Claudia and Grace, the main characters, the owners, the creators of, “The House of Romance,” and well as, “The House of Nymphos,” make this lesbian resort, located near Barcelona, Spain come to life.

Lesbians wealthy and well traveled from all over the world visit “The House of Romance.” The true name of the House of Romance is the House of Nymphos, but the name had to be changed for business reasons.

The author of the series, Olivia Hampshire, a lesbian that lives with her partner, loves to write about love, romance, and of course sex. Most of her books are on, but her books are also available on Google Books, Barnes and Noble, iTune books and are distributed to more than 79 countries all over the world. “The House of Romance, 18 Book Collection,” is just one of her many series, and she is proud that her readers made it one of the Amazon Lesbian Romance Best Sellers.

At the House of Romance, you never know what is going to happen. Lesbian doctors, lawyers, thieves, murderers, cross dressers, bankers, secretaries and more visit the beautiful Barcelona resort to find themselves and make their dreams come true. Many of the eighteen short, lesbian romance adventures feature women experiencing lesbian pleasures for the first time.

The beautiful owners of the House of Romance, Claudia and Grace, are now rich and famous throughout the world. They did not always have lives so simple. The series starts out with the surprising start of the story featuring one of their aunts that was one very different woman. The series starts out with this short story which evolves romance, mystery, murder, and adventure.

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