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lesbian erotic short readsAmazon Lesbian Romance Erotica

We have some very exciting and fun adventures here for you at Olivia And I am Olivia Hampshire. I write Amazon Lesbian Romance Erotica. That is what what children tell there friends when they play with them here in the mountains of Vermont.

When we visit my partners parents in Manhattan, we tell her parents, “Olivia writes Amazon Lesbian Romance Erotica.” The first time she did that, her Mom about died right there on the spot. Her Dad just wanted us to verbally tell him about what happens in the juicy parts of the stories and see the pictures.

I really like some really good sex, but I like to through a little adventure and sickness into also. I have been reading and watching media for a long, long time, and they have just left us out of everything there is to be left out of. I mean, anywhere on the major 100 cable channels, find me someone licking some cunt. That is what I am looking for. And, if you can find that, can you please make the chick licking the cunt and business exec on Wall Street please like in real life. And I want to see some really fine, hot mama kickin’ some crack ho ass.

Sure, I´m Olivia Hampshire. And I write Amazon Lesbian Romance Erotica.

lesbian erotic short readsWe, when I say that it means I but I do it a lot so get used to it, have a couple of series going on here and a couple of stand alone stories.

We have introduced the richest lesbian in the world, Harriet, and her international handy Bitch, Brown, Debbie Brown. Debbie Brown gets things done. Debbie Brown gets things done all over the world. And she is smoking hot in her Amazon Lesbian Romance Erotica Series.

Brown, Debbie Brown starts out with a political nightmare in Alabama, where a friend of her boss Harriet, all three lesbians buy the way, is running for Governor of Alabama. The present Governor of Alabama wants nothing do to with gay people in the government in Alabama. Brown, Debbie Brown has fly in their private jet from Rodeo Drive, to Alabama to get the job done. Of course she seduces a hot young thing to entertain her on the way.

Debbie Brown has way more, and better sex than James Bond does.

This all happens in ,”Licking the Governor.”

Brown, Debbie Brown comes back in another Amazon Lesbian Romance Erotica thriller, “Sand Bush.” I got really wild on this one. In, “Sand Bush,” Brown, Debbie Brown runs into the richest lesbian in the entire world who just so happens to be the unknown leader of Saudi Arabia. Who could imagine that? Ha. Hot, rich, jet and diamond pussy to pussy sex.

lesbian erotic short readsOn the other side of our Amazon Lesbian Romance Erotic Thrillers, we have the, “Hotel of Nymphos.” You remember the love boat right. Well, imagine the love boat, except it´s not a boat, and it´s just outside of Barcelona, Spain, and Ricardo Montanan is not there, instead a couple of the most beautiful women in the world own and run it, and they are nympho rentals and people, mostly lesbians visit from all over the world. Ha.

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