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This is a short summary about my book, “Leaving West Virginia,” based on a true story about one of my long lasting best friends. You can own the adventure, love story by clicking here.

In my book, “Leaving West Virginia,” I use the life of a real friend of mine that actually went through this entire ordeal. When doing my research, I didn’t find many books about lesbian musicians, especially lesbian musicians that play the bass. And, to go even further, in doing my research and looking for books about lesbian musicians, not only were lesbian musicians very rare, but books about lesbian musicians that play in country western bars and bands were pretty much non existent.

My long time friend was actually a bass player in her uncles country western band for years. She hated the music and she really was not that excited about the crowds that the band would draw. And she was even less excited about all of the men that would hit on her constantly from bar to bar, concert to concert. In the few books about lesbian musicians that I did find, I read that many lesbian musicians went through the same situations.

My friend is actually from West Virginia and her uncles band is famous and well known. In all of the books about lesbian musicians that I read, none I quite the story of my friend and how she was lucky enough to break the chain of country western and move to jazz.

This book you are about to read about has a very different twist. My friend really did end up traveling the world with a well known jazz artist, and she really did end up as a part of a 3 way relationship that she is enjoying even today. This is one thing that I didn’t find much of in the books about lesbian musicians, that being that many musicians have very twisted, unhappy love lives.

You can own the adventure, love story by clicking here.