Election 2016Election 2016, Something for Everyone

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Donald Frump, Jerry Pringer, Sarah Phallen? Do these names ring a bell? How about Jeb Tree and Fox Witzer from CNNN? They may sound familiar, but they are not who you think they are. This a a book based on true events in a real election, but the names have been changed to protect the innocent. GQ, better known as Captain George Quick, with his men, far, far away on an island in Greece decided to make a difference and show the American People the reality of the political situation in the good old USA. Some very interesting players take the national stage and strange things happen.

You won´t stop laughing, and the end will make you cry.


Election 2016, Pre-Press Reviews

“What a story. This was just too much. And it was so much like real life. It really made a statement about the American people and tells a story about where we get our information and what we believe in.” Jeff, Springfield MO

“I laughed my butt off at so many times reading this. But at the same time, the concepts of big money, politicians and the press were very scary. This was just a little to close to the truth. This was a little to close to what people will do for money. And the references made to 9-11 and World War 3, well, read the story.” Helen, NY, NY

“Another conspiracy book. But, I´m a historian and there was one phrase in this book that is totally true. ´There is nothing new under the sun. ´ I don´t want to blow the story for people that haven´t read this, but from a historical perspective, some of the crazy, terrible plans that were made by the wealthy and political movers and shakers have happened and repeated themselves throughout history and all over the world from country to country and culture to culture. Well written and though provoking.” Samantha, Santa Barbara, CA

“That ending just blew me away, and what the character says and how he says it, explaining what really happened and what his goals and thoughts were was just astounding. And what he says about the American public and the manner that Joe Blow uses to make decisions and what is true and what is false was just so true. What a story. And very funny too.” Maxwell, Miami, FL