first time lesbian mystery and detective short storiesFirst Time Lesbian Mystery and Detective Short stories


Part 1 of the series

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First Time Lesbian Mystery and Detective Short stories

Helen Lipton is a woman, a lesbian on the run. Because she is a lesbian, and because she has more money than God, her evil stepmother wants her dead. This is part one, the way we start of this series of first time lesbian mystery and detective short stories.

These are the demons in her past that will follow her to the ends of the earth until she is able to free herself from them.

But for right now she is a drifter, trying to stay out of the spotlight, blending in as best she can.

Her only companion is her dead girlfriend Susan, who for some unknown reason is able to appear to her and only her. Susan was the love of Helen’s life. She was her everything. And now she is gone… It is important for you to understand this in part 1 of this first time lesbian mystery and detective short stories.

But her death was no accident. Helen is sure of it. Susan died under mysterious circumstances and Helen will stop at nothing until she puts her killer behind bars.

Not to mention Helen’s own demons she is running from back home. If she ever stops running her life will be over. She has to keep on the move. She has no choice…

Arriving in a new town, Helen gets a job, a room to rent, and is just trying to blend in until Susan discovers work that needs to be done. Two amazing women, both restrained by their fear of their true desires, are yearning, beckoning out to the universe to find their soulmates.

Helen and Susan take it upon themselves to bring these two lost souls together. But will it be a match made in Heaven? Or will they learn that sometimes it’s best not to mess with the natural order of things? In these first time lesbian mystery and detective short stories, Helen and Susan will connect more than 32 women.

And will this work leave Helen more exposed than she has ever been and lead the Devil right to her door…?

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first time lesbian mystery and detective short storiesLove is Love


Part 2 of the series

Helen Lipton is a woman on the run.

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Helen, a beautiful young lesbian with a tragic past and an uncertain future, is guided to Missy Stetson, a young hip hop dancer who has landed herself in a world of trouble mixing up with bad men. Helen’s guide is her dead girlfriend, Susan Aielo, who appears to Helen in visions and dreams and guides her on what to do and who to help. Helen and Missy cross paths at a local diner, and their world’s collide. The two will deal with two-timing managers, scummy boyfriends, and a rap star named Nasty T. Their lives will be put in danger as Helen helps Missy navigate her first lesbian love.

first time lesbian mystery and detective short stories



Part 3 of the series

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This is the story of a forbidden love between two women at a repressive Catholic school with a lot of secrets to hide. Candace is a young, ditzy new teacher who is struggling to maintain her reputation as a good employee.

When she runs into Lesli, an older and established instructor at the school, the two hit it off right away. Fast friendship soon turns into kissing, but Candace is young and confused.

Can her relationship with Lesli survive her immaturity?

And what will happen when the headmaster, Ken Heart, discovers that the two women are having a same sex love affair at a school where such relationships are strictly forbidden and punishable by termination? It is up to Helen and her dead girlfriend Susan to save the day and make sure the love between Candace and Lesli succeeds, but it won’t be easy!

first time lesbian mystery and detective short stories

Love Vibes


Part 4 of the series

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Helen Lipton is in a new place, trying to move on after nearly being captured by the relentless Detective James Everett. She has moved on and is looking to start a new life, and remain as anonymous as she can living in the beautiful community of Lexington, Kentucky.

She has a new job, is making new friends, and she thinks that this time she might actually be able to make a strong start and hide from her stepmother’s evil grip.

But nothing ever seems to stay smooth for long…

Aided by her deceased lover Susan, Helen quickly finds herself involved in the lives of two beautiful women from very different backgrounds, but both of them yearning to break free from the shackles that have restrained their untamed lust for far too long.

Can she help these two women come together and move forward towards the love that they both deserve?

And will Helen finally find a way out of the demons that continue to haunt her? Or will this be the time that fate deals that final, cruel blow?

There are some things that only time can heal…