first time lesbian short stories
first time lesbian short stories
first time lesbian short stories
first time lesbian short stories
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first time lesbian short stories

First Time lesbian short stories



Part 9 of the series

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Being Marked for Death Will Change You…

In this ninth part of our first time lesbian short stories, Helen Lipton has done everything she can to put the events of recent memory behind her as quickly as possible. She is dealing with the fact that she was almost just murdered in the woods and that her assailant is still after her. Starting over in Pittsburgh, she hopes to get lost in the large city. Maybe this time, she and her spirit girlfriend Susan can have some peace.

Try as She Might, Helen Can’t Escape Those in Need…

While trying to get back on her feet Helen invariably finds herself drawn into the world of a sensitive, beautiful young woman named Myam. Susan’s gift has once again sought out the perfect vessel in need of hope and change and Helen finds that it rests on her shoulders.

But Sometimes Hope Really is Lost…

As Helen and Susan bring Myam and another young woman named Alex together they find themselves being drawn into someone’s evil plan and this one might just cost them their very lives. Can Helen save the future for this beautiful couple while keeping herself safe from harm? Only time will tell…

first time lesbian short stories

Christmas Magic


Part 10 of the series

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This is a story about love and belonging. Ho, Ho, Ho.

It is also a story about being open to new things and taking risks. When a married lesbian couple’s relationship ends in total disaster, Liz is left feeling lonesome and sad. Her first Christmas as a single woman rolls around with no hope for new love in sight.

Then a new woman from Hawaii joins her real estate agency and Liz feels the first spark of love in her chest again. Unfortunately, before Liz can make a move on Alani and have her Christmas wish come true, Helen will involve the girl in a crazy ghost hunt. This is another on of our first time lesbian short stories, It is a supernatural Christmas tale that will warm your heart and make you remember that true love lasts a lifetime.

first time lesbian short stories

Almost Gone


Part 11 of the series

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A New Beginning Often Comes with a Price…

Helen Lipton is in Richmond, Virginia, anxious for a new start. She has escaped the clutches of the mad James Everett, a former disgraced detective who will stop at nothing to hunt her down. All so her stepmother can have her locked away for good and get her hands on all that inheritance money.

But Helen is doing fine for the moment, if somewhat low on funds. But when a great job opportunity comes her way she leaps at the chance. Little does she know that this opportunity will bring much heartache and despair her way at the worst possible moment…

It’s Tough for a Good Heart to Turn Their Back on Another…

Helen soon finds herself involved in the life of Ava, a beautiful, but painfully shy young woman. Persuaded by her deceased girlfriend Susan’s ghost, Helen embarks on a plan to bring Ava the peace and happiness she deserves.

Darkness Never Stays Away for Long…

But is Helen unknowingly putting herself directly in the path of danger? As she struggles to help her newfound friend she begins to see that sometimes the darkness you run from is actually deep inside of you…

Another one of our great, first time lesbian short stories.

first time lesbian short stories



Part 12 of the series

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Sometimes Music City Hits a Sour Note or Two…

Helen Lipton thought that Nashville might be a nice change of pace. Music, laughter, and hopefully a new home to hide from the dangers that have been plaguing her for so long. With her dead girlfriend Susan’s ghost, Helen hopes that this time things will be different.

But it doesn’t take long for the days of old to start catching up with her…


When Danger Lurks Behind Every Beautiful Corner…

Helen is just getting settled in when she finds herself drawn into the plight of her neighbor, a beautiful young woman who is very much at a crossroads in her life. Daisy, is so pretty, sweet, and she is hiding some pretty dark secrets of her own.

It doesn’t take long before Helen finds herself caught up in them too.

It is Never Wise to Drop Your Guard…

Helen is awakened by shots in the night. Within minutes someone will be dead. Will she find herself on the right side of the fight?

One thing is for sure… you can never count Helen Lipton out…