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Welcome to “Cop Licked,” another sizzling hot novelette by Olivia Hampshire. Prepare yourself for a shockingly enjoyable read in this first time lesbian suburban housewife love story. First it was her daughter. Then it was the detective that came to save her life. The detective was young, mature, sexy, powerful, carried a gun and handcuffs, and Helen just creamed her panties over Detective Maxine Malone. Yes, in “Cop Licked,” a first time lesbian suburban housewife love story, it gets real hot a messy up in here. Bring your Bounty towels girls.

In our hot, steaming, first time lesbian suburban housewife love story, Helen is married to your average boring man who has an average boring job, in an average boring suburb, in an average location, somewhere USA. But, Helen is tired of average and boring. Helen has been neglected in too many ways and for too long. Helen is ready for some hot, young, fresh, female, hard bodied, good lovin’ with toys, handcuffs and guns.

Helen has been bored for too long and when a real hot women comes along and has to slap her husband around a bit and send his ass to jail, this gets Helen’s Attention in this first time lesbian suburban housewife love story.

It´s not totally easy for Helen to jump the suburban, housewife boat. She is so save in her boring little world. If she jumps ship, her life might just get real and be a good time.

Does someone have to die to help her happiness come to life.

And what about her teenage daughter? What about the three some getting going with the family teenage group of girls that kicked this whole thing off? Helen is not the only one going gay for the first time in the house.

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