Free lesbian romance stories

Free Lesbian Romance Stories Hi, I am Olivia Hampshire. Thank you for visiting my site and I hope have enjoyed some of my adventures. This month we offer something special, our free lesbian romance stories for people that enjoy audio books. If you are not a current member of, and you follow this link to buy your first book, we will send you two of our blockbuster, most popular collections. Click this link to sign up for Audible and buy our “Opening Day” Blockbuster. When you sign up to purchase, “Opening Day,” the audio version, send me personally your Audible confirmation receipt at I will personally send you 13 of our free lesbian romance stories. I will send you Our Lesbian Billionaire, 5 book collection as well as, our House of Romance 8 book collection. This is only good for this month because my partner and I are putting together the funds to pay for our 5 kids to go back to school at the end of this month. Love You, Can't wait to send you the collections. Olivia Hampshire