lesbian adventure eroticaLesbian Adventure Erotica

Hello.  I am Olivia Hampshire and I write lesbian adventure erotica. This has been my passion all of my life and now, in this time of my life I have decided to devote my final years to my passion.

All of my life I have seen men as heroes. Men having the brains. Men having all of the great sex with whomever and it was all good. Now it is our turn. I write lesbian adventure erotica because it needs to be written.

In the later part of February, on Amazon.com, I will release three brand new titles. All three are lesbian adventure erotica, and all three with a different twist. The first is the story of and international problem solver who works for an extremely wealthy, older lesbian woman that can buy anything she wants, including countries and elections. She has a wonderful heart and only desirers the best for the world, but she and her, beautiful, hot, athletic and very horny, international problem solver let nothing stand in their way.

The second release in my lesbian adventure erotica series is about the love that develops between a suburban housewife and a hesitant, female detective. The married suburban housewife falls head over heals for the strong, suave, hot detective, but it’s a long road to opening and freeing your mind and your life when it comes to getting what you want.

The third release begins a brand new and exciting lesbian adventure erotica series. In this release, we begin the story of what happens when two lesbian, nymphomaniacs join forces and open an establishment catering to people of like minds from around the world. Lives come together and strange and wonderful things happen.

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