Lesbian Billionaire

lesbian billionaire

Lesbian Billionaire

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What a collection. And in this special, Lesbian Billionaire Collection, you meet two very interesting people. First of all, there is the Lesbian Billionaire that really cares for the world, and takes on evil with her money if she sees wrong doing. That person would be the one and only Harriet Rothchild.

Harriet is a very sexy and wealthy lesbian, and well connected internationally. Sometimes she runs into problems and in these situations, she calls upon her international, bad ass, beyond James Bond super spy, Brown, Debbie Brown.

Debbie Brown has several Ivy League degrees and was one of the first female Navy Seals. She knows weapons, she knows people, she know payback and how to set things straight.

In one episode, “The Special,” Harriet and Debbie Brown take on a husband that has abused his wife and family. The end of this story you won’t want to miss. But that is just small beans when it comes to the adventures these two bust open.

In another Lesbian Billionaire episode, three lesbian attorneys are getting screwed over by their firm and Brown, Debbie Brown has to step in, find the truth in the situation and kick serious ass.

In another Lesbian Billionaire episode, Harriet finds a very high ranking television network executive that is using sex and money to manipulate her broadcast anchors. The executive is even pimping them out as well as their daughters. Once again, Brown, Debbie Brown must dive into the lives of fellow lesbians and straighten everything out. The end is not always pretty.

In another Lesbian Billionaire episode, a very wealthy Alabama family has controlled the state for years only in an attempt to make big profits for their family. A wonderful lesbian woman runs against the family member that is the governor of the state and things get real ugly. Real Ugly. Ends up that this family has many secrets, thus the name of this book, “Family Secrets.”

Buy the series, have your drink and popcorn and don’t plan on putting this thing down once you start reading.

Here is what people have to say about this Blockbuster Collection.

“Olivia! You really out did yourself with this lesbian billionaire collection. I just love Debbie Brown and Harriet. I love them all. All of the books that is. There is always some great mystery and the love scenes are just out of this world. I love the way you add some romance in there too. I never know where Debbie Brown is going to be, or what will happen to her next.” Autumn, Cleveland, OH

“You just had me cracking up again and again in the first book of you lesbian billionaire romance collection. The part where Debbie Brown is in the barn with the chick from Alabama. And what happens to the governor is just a real trip. And the governor’s wife. Who would have thought. I just love the way that Debbie Brown has lots of lesbian romance with all types of women. Olivia, what will you think of next? Thank you so much for the first time lesbian story also in the Innocent Slave book. That was really freaky. Best to you and don’t stop writing.” Stella, Portland, MN

“I love your lesbian billionaire collection. The Saudi Princess woman was a real message. A real strong message. I know you make all of this stuff up, but I have not read anything like these books anywhere, let alone see something like this in a movie theater. Other authors that write lesbian romance stories don’t have the imagination that you have. I look forward to reading each and every book. Thank you Olivia Hampshire.” Ashley, Louisville, KY

“I had not read any of your lesbian billionaire stories until this weekend. I bought your lesbian romance collection to read riding the subway back and forth to work for this week. But, I started reading them this Friday and I just could not stop. I had read your Cop Licked book and some of the House of Romance books, but this Debbie Brown woman is just out of this world. Thank you so much for giving me such a great time.” Ruby, NY, NY