Lesbian Erotica

Lesbian Erotica

The Hotel of Nymphos.

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Welcome to the Hotel of Nymphos.  Located in Barcelona, overlooking the beautiful Mediterranean is a four story historical building where all of the workers are the most beautiful women in the entire world. And, the really fun part of it is that they are all for hire.

Sure, there is the regular crew of Alice the cook, and the two hot owners Claudia and Grace. Every episode we have a whole new group of visitors and each group that visits comes with their own  set of needs.

In our first episode, “Dripping Wet,” Claudia and Grace are just beginning to get to know one another. In fact, in this episode, Claudia has her own Lesbian Erotica place called the House of Pleasure. She has taken years to find the right women, the right location and the right Lesbian Erotica clientele.

Claudia is good to go until Grace falls into some family money and decides to top Grace with a Hotel that will soon be know internationally as the place to go for Lesbian Erotica. Grace is extremely excited to have this great place and actually admires the work that Claudia has done to get where she is now. But can Claudia accept the ideas of Grace and move on to some form of Lesbian Erotica that will change her world forever.

The Hotel of Nymphos is right on the Mediterranean in it’s rustic, four story, five hundred year old wrapper. On it´s roof is the party deck to die for complete with bars, jacuzzi and view of the mile long, nude Lesbian Erotica beach below.

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This is a series.

Part 1

lesbian wedding










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Part 2

Lesbian Wedding









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Part 3

lesbian Wedding










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