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Hi there, thanks for the visit. You must be looking for Lesbian Hoodies. Since you are looking for Lesbian Hoodies, you have come to the right place. Not only do we have lesbian hoodies, we have lesbian coffee cups, lesbian crop tops, lesbian t-shirts and more. Many of them you can see below.

I’m Olivia Hampshire. I write romance novels and short stories, most of them envolve lesbians.

I love working with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. I make all of my own book covers. I recently learned how to create lesbian hoodies, coffee cups, t-shirts and crop tops. So what I decided to do was to create clothings with my book covers and fun sayings for my readers that wrote me and were requesting my covers on a nice warm lesbian hoodie, or on a coffee cup so that they could read my novels and sip some nice warm coffee while they were getting steamed up themselves.

Thus far I have created Lesbian Hoodies for the books you see below. The first one, “Unleashed Desire,” was my first creation. It’s very simple. The creation of this Lesbian Hoodie was simply putting the high quality image on the hoodie, and then on the coffee cup.

Lesbian Hoodies

If you click the images of the products, you will go to my shop for lesbian hoodies at Etsy.com.

Here is a brief discription of, “Unleashed Desire,” you can click the image to order it on Amazon. Be warned, it is X rated.

Description, “Unleashed Desire.”

Tia, a beautiful, 25 year old, seventh grade school teacher was married to Superman. He was a Harvard Grad and made lots of money. The problem was, Superman was never home and Tia was very lonely. Above all of that, Superman husband was a very jealous and when angry became dangerously violent.

Tia had hidden her appreciation of women her entire life. She hid it from others as well as herself until on one lonely night, she visited a bar she had driven by for years, it was a gay bar. It was there that she met a woman that rocked her world for one night.

After that night, Tia decided to quietly open up about herself. She decided to explore who she really was. She booked a flight to Barcelona, Spain to visit a place called, “The House of Nymphos,” a very expensive, top notch, Lesbian Resort.

The House of Nymphos had theme weeks to entertain their visitors that would come from all over the world. The theme for the week that Tia decided on was, “Unleash Your Desires,” and that is just what Tia did.

Tia met women from all over the world, beautiful, intelligent, experienced, well traveled women they were. Two ways, three ways and orgies were a part of the resort’s style.

What happens when Tia’s Superman, Harvard Grad, jealous husband tracks her down?