Lesbian Hotel ResortsLesbian Hotel Resorts

One of the finest lesbian hotel resorts is located in a small town about 30 miles away from Barcelona, Spain. The establishment has two names, one for the general public, but then there is the real name. This lesbian hotel resort to the public is known as The House of Romance, but to people that visit and know the place, the true name is, “The Hotel of Nymphos,” owned by Claudia and Grace, two of the most beautiful women in the world.

I have traveled the world, and I have visited many lesbian hotel resorts, so I decided to write about one, better yet, I decided to create one and go right after what many single lesbians are most interested in. I created the Hotel of Nymphos because when I was single, I wanted to meet intelligent, beautiful, open minded, different, living free lesbian women that perhaps, I could develop a relationship with and this would hopefully lead to the best sex I had ever had in my entire life. That was my fantasy, I’m allow to own my fantasy.

In my creation of the Hotel of Nymphos, I created Grace and Claudia. They are very interested and accomplished business women and on occasion, they offer their own sexual pleasures for sale at extremely high prices. In their lesbian hotel resort, the most wonderful and interesting lesbians visit from all over the world. Some of the visitors are beautiful, let’s say all of the visitors are beautiful in their own way.

Some of the women visit this lesbian hotel resort just out of curiosity. Some of these women are straight and visit with lesbian friends of theirs and end up having their first time lesbian experience.

Criminal women show up at this lesbian hotel resort. Drug dealers, slave traders, thieves, murders, extortionist and others. It is really hard to tell who is who and that is what makes these adventures that I write so much fun. And yes, many times there is sex, sometimes one on one, sometimes with groups of 10 or more. You just never know.

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Enjoy your experience at one of the best lesbian hotel resorts in the world, The Hotel of Nymphos.