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Hello there. I am Olivia Hampshire and I love to write lesbian love stories. One of my first groups of books was the “House of Romance” series. The series was called, “The Hotel of Nymphos” but, I decided to tone it down a bit because the Pope thought it was a bit over the top.

The Hotel of Nymphos is a luxurious hotel located in a small town on the Mediterranean about 30 minutes from Barcelona, Spain. The co-owners are Grace and Claudia, two of the most beautiful women in the world. Grace and Claudia love women, they are lesbians, and they love sex.

Beware. Most of these lesbian love stories are just that. Lesbians falling in love. In a few of the books I did get carried away with my imagination and for some people I took the sex a little to far.

How many people love sex? All of us. But to say that two beautiful women love sex and want to have a hotel where women, lesbians from all over the world come to visit causes problems for some people. Anyway, Grace and Claudia had the courage to open their hotel and inside takes place the subject matter of many of my lesbian love stories.

Grace and Claudia, and the chef Alice, are always there. That never changes in each of these lesbian love stories. What does change in each lesbian love story is who is visiting at the time and who falls in love with who. This is always very interesting.

Below you will find a complete list of my “House of Romance” books. Each and every one is available at Amazon.com. There will be a link to click on to place your order. Some of the books are available in audio at Audible.com.

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Olivia Hampshire

Lesbian Love StoriesJust for Fun

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This is the first of the Hotel of Nymphos series. If there is one of these that you should read first, it would be this one. You can read all of the others and not reading this one will not matter, but it each of these lesbian love stories, you will run into Claudia and Grace, and at some point may want to know how this whole thing started.

Grace and Claudia have a very spicy background and they were competitors at one time, competing for the lesbian escort for hire business in the international market. Things got ugly.

Here is what the reviews had to say.

“I want to go to Barcelona right now after reading this lesbian love story. Yes, I do! Thank you Olivia Hampshire. Somehow I read 2 of your other House of Romance books before I found this one. I had no problem following anything that was going on in the other ones. I is like you can read them in any order that you want, and I did. But Olivia, is was very nice to read about how all of this hot, steamy, lesbian romance got started. Thank you very much.” Constance, Salem, OR

“I am not going to mention any names because I don’t want to spoil things for anybody, but that love scene at the very end was hot, hot, hot, and I didn’t think it would ever go that way in the beginning. The House of Romance has a different name once you get into the book. The real name is pretty hot. Me and my partner would love to go to this place. We read lesbian romance short stories to each other every night. These lesbian love stories are well worth the money.” Ellen, Little Rock, AR

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Lesbian Love StoriesFinding My Self

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In one of my most personal lesbian love stories, “Finding My Self,” was very powerful for me with a lot of meaning for me as a lesbian. This is the story of a confused young woman who is trying to make her boss happy and her family happy and everyone around her happy except for, herself. I had fun with this one. It is a lesbian love story, but it is fun also.

Here is what the reviewers had to say.

“Dear Olivia, what a great romance story. I was young, inexperienced and confused myself about my sexuality. How to dress, how to walk, who to talk to, and yes, my family. How do I deal with my family that had one idea of what I should be and the idea that I felt deep down inside of myself. This love story had me crying more than once and I could relate to each and every detail. Please keep writing.” Love, Hannah, Chico, CA

“Olivia, all I can say is Smashing. This story was a killer. You just nailed all of the important parts of my life and brought me to tears with the touching ending. You had me thinking deep and feeling even deeper with your journey through this first time lesbian romance story or adventure. And the love scenes, WOW! I felt like I was there.” Ellie, Reno, NV


Lesbian Love StoriesMy Dream Girl

“My Dream Girl,” is available on Amazon.com by Clicking Here.

Candace has loved Doris since the moment Doris began working with her in her office. Just the sight of Doris would drive Candace totally crazy. Candace had very low self esteem and many insecurities that held her back from letting Doris know how she really felt.  Candace came up with a divine, master plan to take Doris away to a magical place in Barcelona, Spain where she would sweep Doris off of her high heels.  Doris was very free spirited and full of adventure. She had no plans in general, and in specific, no plans for Candace.

Here is what the reviewers had to say.

“Thanks Olivia for another great, love adventure. What an ending. I really did not know what was going to happen with Candace and Doris page by page. I don’t think that I took one single breath while reading the entire book. Smashing! Love You!” Violet, Wichita, Ks

“This is one of Olivia’s greatest pieces of work. I have read them all. I found her with “Cop Licked,” and then I found her Lesbian Billionaire series with Harriet and Debbie Brown. I just love her loving, wild imagination. She writes a lot about sex. I see some people are offended by the way Olivia comes out and lets women do whatever they want to do to enjoy themselves and learn about life. Some people act like they don´t like freedom. Whatever. Thank you Olivia for being free.” Lillian, Fort Wayne, IN

Lesbian Love StoriesThe Ride to Joy

“The Ride to Joy,” is available on Amazon.com by Clicking Here.

Ann Lee decided to visit, “The House of Romance.” You might know the real name of this hotel owned by Grace and Claudia, located on the Mediterranean, a few miles from Barcelona, Spain.  Stepping into the door of the hotel began to immediately change Ann Lee’s outlook on life, and then the excitement, and opportunities for great joys escalated when Ann Lee meets Bridgette, the woman of her dreams.

This is what the reviewers had to say.

“That Ann Lee had some ups and downs and some other stuff going on in here that I really enjoyed also. I could relate to the conflict with society and her new friend and her father. I too spent years and years and years attempting to satisfy other people before satisfying myself. And I mean years. I don’t want to mess the story up for anybody, but I did cry at the end and as I stopped reading, I walked away feeling very good. Thank you Olivia for the feeling.” Violet, Santa Barbara, CA

“Spin the Bottle! No Olivia. You didn’t. What a twist in the story. I never, ever heard of spin the bottle being played like this. The end of the story got me again. I was crying. You did it again Olivia. Thank you for brightening my day with this wonderful lesbian romance story.” Claire, London, England

“I could really feel for Ann Lee. My partner and I, as well as many of our best friends just knew that their was a whole different life style out there somewhere. We all knew that life was more than a suit, an 8 to 5 and car a payment. A few of us became free by breaking the mold. Those of us that did, became examples for others. This is what I saw in this book. I am buying copies for my friends. Thank you Olivia!” Kennedy, Scottsdale, AZ