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No Justice, No Peace

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This is a lesbian menage book. But, of all of the lesbian menage books that you have ever read, most likely this will be one of the most different. It is a story about three Attorneys Maggie, Sophie, and Sherry were very successful and they were in love. They were the most successful attorneys in their law firm and that is how they could afford one of the most expensive condos that they shared together on Park Ave. in New York, New York. They weren’t junkies, but when they won a big case, it was party time with lots of sex, drugs and music.

All was prefect until something went very wrong at the firm and their lives were turned upside down. In the middle of a living hell, two of the attorneys ran into Brown, Debbie Brown and Debbie Brown does not play. She tries to make things right.

So, some would say this is a lesbian menage book, while others would say it is a book, about some really great attorneys that just got really screwed over and they are trying to figure out what went wrong. If you can imagine having everything, materially, and you got it all on the up and up doing really great things, and then it all went to hell, then this is that story. So, I guess you could call it a lesbian menage book where everything goes all to hell.

This is where Brown, Debbie Brown comes in. You´ll have to read the book to see how she meets the three attorneys. You’ll have to read the book to see if she becomes a part of this lesbian menage book.

You may be asking, “Why do you say lesbian menage book,” so many times. I have my reasons my friend. I have my reasons.

What people say after they have read, “No Justice, No Peace.”

“What a tremendous ending. I laughed my ass off. What a great positive, uplifting, lesbian menage love story. I have not read one like it on Amazon. Thank you Olivia Hampshire.” Janet, NY, NY

“I read for entertainment and this book, ‘No Justice, No Peace’ was just that, entertaining. I read it and laughed so hard that I gave it to my partner and she read it and enjoyed it also. If you don’t take Olivia too seriously, she will help you have a real good time.” Lisa, Cincinnati, OH

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