Lesbian mystery short storiesLesbian Mystery Short Stories

Hi. I´m Olivia Hampshire and welcome to my collection of of lesbian mystery short stories featuring Harriet Rothchild and Brown, Debbie Brown in the “Lesbian Billionaire” collection. All of these blockbusters are available on Amazon.com.

Each and everyone of our lesbian mystery short stories is a stand alone episode. Don’t worry about having to have read other episodes to get right into the story. Harriet Rothchild is always calling the shots and Debbie Brown is always getting things done. So chose the ones you find most appealing to you and enjoy the ride.

The Special

In our first episode of “The Lesbian Billionaire,” series, we start off this lesbian mystery short stories series with an introduction to the most wealthy woman in the world, Harriet Rothchild. Harriet becomes attracted to a beautiful woman that lives in SmallTown, USA. She is a waitress with three children and her husband who works at Walfart, beats her frequently. This woman has a dream of moving to Kenya and taking care of animals in a game preserve. For her it is just a dream until she meets Harriet Rothchild. Not only is this one of our lesbian mystery short stories, but it is also a very moving story and if you like payback stories than this one is for you.

“The Special” is available by Clicking Here and visiting Amazon.com

A review of “The Special.”

“I thought Allison was down the tubes. I didn´t think that things would work out. But in the end, well, I don´t want to blow it for people that haven´t read the book yet. All I can say is, “Read the whole thing.” I have not found any lesbian romance books like your’s Olivia. I just love them. I also like your House of Romance books with Grace and Claudia. Anyway, thank you so much for this great first time lesbian book. It was one of your best pieces of work.” Stella, Glasgow, MT

Lesbian mystery short storiesShe Loved Me

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In this episode of our lesbian mystery short stories, two women that met in the Navy years ago have been in love for many years. The are both very intelligent scientists. On of them makes a discovery that can change the world that we know of today. The two decided to get married the day after she makes her presentation to the world. Then something earth shattering occurs that turns their world totally upside down. This in not only one of our best lesbian mystery short stories, it is also a heart shaking love story. Oh, and of course, Debbie Brown is at her best.

A review From “She Loved Me.”

“I cried at least two times when I was reading this book from your lesbian mystery short stories series. The characters are well developed the plot just unfolds so well with surprises that make sense. I love the character Harriet Rothchild. She is just the best. And the way that Beatrice hooked up with Debbie Brown just brought me to my knees. Also, the story made sense in the world that we live in today. It made me think about the reality of the place where we live and who really makes the decisions about what happens in our lives. Olivia, you write about some important issues facing all of us on the planet.” Kayla, Huntington Beach, CA

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Lesbian mystery short storiesFamily Secrets

Harriet Rothchild has a very close lesbian friend that is running for governor in a very conservative, southern state, Alabama. The current governor has been in office for years and has a very powerful and wealthy family. The family of the current governor is not playing fair with election tactics and Harriet brings in Debbie Brown to see what is going on behind the scenes. Some extremely crazy factors are behind the family history tree. Thus, this episode of our lesbian mystery short stories is titled, “Family Secrets.”

A review from “Family Secrets.”

“You just had me cracking up again and again in the first book of you lesbian billionaire romance collection. The part where Debbie Brown is in the barn with the chick from Alabama. And what happens to the governor is just a real trip. And the governor’s wife. Who would have thought. I just love the way that Debbie Brown has lots of lesbian romance with all types of women. Olivia, what will you think of next? Thank you so much for the first time lesbian story also in the Innocent Slave book. That was really freaky. Best to you and don’t stop writing this lesbian mystery short short stories series please.” Stella, Portland, MN

“Family Secrets” is available by Clicking Here and visiting Amazon.com

Lesbian Mystery Short StoriesThe Saudi Lesbian

In this episode of our lesbian mystery short stories series Debbie Brown and one of her scientist assistants are visiting Las Vegas doing research for a client of Harriet Rothchild. At one of the most popular night spots in Vegas, a Saudi Princess falls in love with Debbie Brown’s assistant. Saudi Arabia is a different culture. The princess’ family does not approve of the fact that she is a lesbian, and has plans for her to marry a man, as well as have an operation to remove a vital enjoyment component from her vagina.

“The Saudi Lesbian” is available by Clicking Here and visiting Amazon.com

A review from ,”The Saudi Lesbian.”

“I love your lesbian billionaire collection. The Saudi Princess woman was a real message. A real strong message. I know you make all of this stuff up, but I have not read anything like these books anywhere, let alone see something like this in a movie theater. Other authors that write lesbian romance stories don’t have the imagination that you have. I look forward to reading each and every book. Thank you Olivia Hampshire.” Ashley, Louisville, KY

Lesbian mystery short storiesThe Innocent Slave

In “The Innocent Slave,” I must say I just got wild and crazy. In this episode of our lesbian mystery short stories, if you don´t like erotica, just walk away. It´s an adventure that is only for those that are strong of heart. This is one of the most erotic things I have ever written.

“The Innocent Slave” is available by Clicking Here and visiting Amazon.com



Lesbian mystery short storiesTongue Candy

With “Tongue Candy,” a very beautiful woman has a very bad habit and shows up dead as a result. Harriet and Debbie Brown must work together to find many strange connected clues.

“Tongue Candy” is available by Clicking Here and visiting Amazon.com

Lesbian-billionaire-bundle1-5-350The Lesbian Billionaire Collection

This is a collection of all of the titles above, with the exception of “She Loved Me.” If you have read one or two of any of the titles above and you want to save a little cash and have them all together at your finger tips, this is you best option.

The Lesbian Billionaire Collection” is available by Clicking Here and visiting Amazon.com

A Review of, “The Lesbian Billionaire Collection.”

“I had not read any of your lesbian billionaire stories until this weekend. I bought your lesbian romance collection to read riding the subway back and forth to work for this week. But, I started reading them this Friday and I just could not stop. I had read your Cop Licked book and some of the House of Romance books, but this Debbie Brown woman is just out of this world. Thank you so much for giving me such a great time.” Ruby, NY, NY

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