Lesbian Paranormal Romance

lesbian paranormal romanceLesbian paranormal Romance


Part 5 of the series

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A Woman Looking for a New Life and a Student Looking to Find Herself…

In this lesbian paranormal romance, we find Helen Lipton and the spirit of her girlfriend Susan are on the move again. Since narrowly escaping the clutches of disgraced former detective James Everett the two have been travelling to get as far away from trouble as possible. Susan thinks that spending Halloween (her favorite holiday) in Athens, Ohio—a quaint college town with a long history of paranormal activity—will be the ideal place for them to start fresh. But they are about to find out that nothing ever really starts over…

Helen instantly lands a job in the local Halloween store where she meets the beautiful and charming Joely. They hit it off and become fast friends, but when the seductive Haylie walks into the store, the sparks are undeniable. Susan and Helen take it upon themselves as a new mission to get these two wonderful, newly awakened, first time lesbians together. The romance is inevitable in this lesbian paranormal romance short story.

But Helen and Susan are about to discover that sometimes things are better left alone, because meddling in other’s affairs can often backfire on you in horrible, tragic ways…

lesbian paranormal romance
lesbian paranormal romance
lesbian paranormal romance
lesbian paranormal romance
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lesbian paranormal romanceNot Sure


Part 6 of the series

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When All Seems Lost… You Often Find Your True Strength…

In this lesbian paranormal romance, Helen Lipton has started over. Again. She is living in Akron, Ohio, hoping to leave the demons of her past behind. But with the holidays looming, and the distance from her family growing even farther apart, Helen is feeling pretty down and worn out. Not even her dead girlfriend Susan, whom only she can see and communicate with, can help her out of this low.

One’s Calling Always Calls When They Need it Most…

Out of nowhere Helen finds herself in the middle of helping a young woman with a broken heart find the love that she has so desperately searched for. Helen’s efforts lead her to another beautiful young woman who has lost hope in finding her soulmate as well. As Helen and Susan work their magic to bring these two women together, darkness begins to descend on the perceived serenity…

You Can’t Run Forever… One Day, You Have to Face Your Fears…

Helen knows the demons from her past will always find her, yet somehow they always show up when she finally lets her guard down. But in this lesbian paranormal romance short story, this time it’s different. This time she is done running. This time is Helen ready to risk it all to finally be free…?

lesbian paranormal romanceAddicted


Part 7 of the series

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That’s Just Not Right!

This is a lesbian paranormal romance story of two women from opposite sides of the tracks. The younger woman, Kensington, is a wealthy girl who has done everything right in life but still feels empty and alone. In an effort to satisfy her passion for life, Kensington—Kensy for short—invests in a Spanish restaurant and becomes close friends with her head chef, a spicy woman named Isabella.

Friendship soon turns intimate, but their relationship is thrown into jeopardy when one of the women’s drug habits is reawakened. It’s Helen’s job to solve the problems in this relationship, but things become even more complicated when the mafia comes to collect on some outrageous drug debts. Then in this lesbian paranormal romance story,Helen is forced to reconnect with people she thought she had left behind in Boston in order to save the lives of strangers. With the encouragement from the ghost of her dead girlfriend, Susan, Helen will do everything she can to save the day and to make things right for lesbian couples everywhere.

lesbian paranormal romanceMaybe Forever


Part 8 of the series

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A Woman on the Run, and Discovers Evil from a New Adversary…

In this lesbian paranormal romance story, Helen Lipton is on the run—again. She has set up shop in the medium sized, river town of Huntington, West Virginia. So far everything seems peaceful and calm. That is until a terrible fire breaks out at a party, and Helen finds herself helping a young woman in need of rescue from much more than a fiery death.

Evil Often has Many Forms, but Will Love Always Find a Way?

After saving Grace Price’s life, in this lesbian paranormal romance story, Helen discovers a devastating secret—there are predators on the campus of the university Grace attends. And now they may be targeting her. Can Helen help her before it’s too late?

When Times Seem Darkest, Love Often Shines Brightest…

Through the danger Grace is facing a saving light comes to be in the form of Rory, a beautiful girl that Grace has fallen head over heels for. Will these two first time lesbians realize that their love is strong enough to break through any darkness? And will Helen realize that her skills at helping other often dig her own hole deeper and deeper, and this time she might not get out…