Romantic First Time Lesbian Short Reads

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Lesbian Romance Audiobooks

Welcome to the Olivia Hampshire collection of lesbian romance audiobooks. I appreciate all of you that for so many years have asked me to take my various ebooks and turn them into lesbian romance audiobooks. Now, we have the first two coming out in a couple of weeks. Better than that, over the next month, we are turning each and everyone of our existing books into lesbian romance audiobooks. We have two series underway right now. My fans have been very supportive of the House of Romance series. Of course, the House of Romance is actually the Hotel of Nymphos, but to keep everything ok with our publishing company we had to change the cover. Sorry everyone, me and my partner are just trying to pay the rent and keep the kids in school. The thing is that we have 15 minutes of the first two audiobooks available now, so I thought I would put these up as a sample of what you will own, when you actually by the Olivia Hampshire, lesbian romance audiobooks. We searched the world to find the right voice for our lesbian romance audiobooks and after looking long and hard, I think you will find that we discovered a very special voice. She is well known around the world for her voice and she did a great job in working with us, trying to make our lesbian romance audiobooks something that you would enjoy. So, you won´t have to use your imagination as much as you have in the past with our lesbian romance audiobooks. Many of you have shared with me that you have your partners read my books while you are in bed, or when are you getting ready to go to bed. Many of you shared with me that you would really like to just throw on an audio book for your drive through the country, or on your way home from work. We tried to help you out here and we hope our stories, and the voice that is reading makes your life more fulfilled. Thanks again for all of your support, Olivia Hampshire Please check out our home page so you can see if you own all of our titles in print right now.