Lesbian Wedding

Lesbian WeddingLesbian Wedding

After lots of lovin’ and thinking, Fanny and Sophia decide it is time for their Lesbian Wedding. And what makes this even better is that they decide to take the Greyhound to the airport, get on a plane, fly to Barcelona and do their Lesbian Wedding in the Hotel of Nymphos with Grace and Claudia. How much more wonderful can it get than that.

A white limo picks them up at the Barcelona airport and of course, all of the hot passion for the event just kicks off right then.

And below, you can read a few paragraphs of “Lesbian Wedding.”

At last!” Sophia was happy to be in the final leg of their travel. First a Greyhound bus. Then a flight across the U.S. And finally, a flight over the Atlantic Ocean to the Barcelona airport. She was mentally drained from traveling but at the same time very excited to return to the Hotel.

I know,” replied Fanny. “I am dirty, hungry and tired. I cannot believe I’m saying this, but I just want to get to the hotel and sleep!”

Sophia laughed. “The last thing anyone does at that hotel is sleep, you know!”

They smiled at each other, remembering the long nights full of bare skin, arching backs, heaving breasts and non-stop sex. The Hotel of Nymphos was no ordinary hotel. It was a place where women in need of passion could find some of the most beautiful women in the world to share a bed with. Or a hot tub. Or a stretch of beach. At Hotel of Nymphos, the possibilities were endless, as were the orgasms.

Sophia thought it was poetic that they were on their way to get married at the same place they met. Fanny was just happy to be able to make such a romantic gesture to the woman she loved.

Sophia reached over and pulled Fanny’s face to hers, kissing her as if she were trying to inhale her through her mouth. Fanny was not normally very affectionate in public, but there was something about this place that made her want to do things to her soon-to-be wife for all the world to see.

Before Sophia allowed Fanny to come up for air, a giant, brand new white limo pulled up in front of them. It caught their attention and they stared in amazement as a beautiful female with long blonde hair and curves in all the right places climbed out of the driver’s seat. She almost seemed to float as she slowly approached the passenger door. The only sight more breathtaking than her fluid movements was the two stunning women who stepped out of the the door she held open.

Claudia and Grace were the owners of Hotel of Nymphos. They were dressed in the two most revealing outfits a woman could get away with in public, yet they somehow each carried an air of class about them. Claudia’s wavy blonde hair bounced as she moved, as if she were filming a shampoo commercial. She had bright blue eyes that reminded Fanny of the ocean. Claudia’s DD breasts were pushing against the scantily placed material of her dress as if they were hungry lions begging to be released to hunt for a meal. Grace was such a sight to behold. She had the perfect 36-24-36 figure, with dark brown hair and piercing green eyes. The purple of her dress made her eyes appear greener than emeralds.

Both Fanny and Sophia had to catch their breath at seeing so much beauty sharing a space. “I hope you saved some of that for us,” Claudia said as she gently ran her fingers down Fanny’s cheek. Grace put her hand on the small of Sophia’s back and pulled her toward her so that their bottom torsos were pressed up against one another so firmly that Sophia could feel the heat emanating from Grace’s core.

That is just a little bit of how the Lesbian wedding kicks off. But can you imagine if your homophobic mother showed up with your ex-boyfriend.

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