Swingers Erotic Short Stories

Swingers Erotic Short Stories. Hi, I’m Olivia Hampshire, the humble author of the Swirl Resort, Erotic Swingers Vacation series.

These swinger erotic short stories will rock your world. Before you read them, roll your joints, pour your shots, have the cold ones ready, lay down those lines, and get ready to enjoy a different world.

Scroll down to some of the  of the 20 short stories.  You can skip all of the babble.

Swingers Erotic Short Stories

Roll your joints

Swingers Erotic Short Stories

Lay down your lines.

Swingers Erotic Short Stories

Pour your shots.

Swingers Erotic Short Stories

You’re not in Kansas Dorothy.

I wrote 20 plus swingers vacation short stories, but they were all soft romance and didn’t go deep into the actual sexual events. Many of my readers are more comfortable using there own imagination for the sexual acts.

Some of my readers told me, “Olivia, please write swingers erotic short stories, tell use exactly what goes on behind those closed doors.” So, they wanted it, so I’m cranking that up.

I’ll be writing 20, “Swingers Erotic Short Stories,” between now and the holidays. They will be wild, juicy, and mind blowing. As I write them, I will be posting them on this page.

The Swingers Erotic Short Stories series will contain of course, short stories. That means that each one will be a little over 10,000 words. For most people that is a 2 hour read. Each story is like going to a movie. You go in, take your mind off of your world and go to a resort with lots of hot people just having wild sex with strangers and having fun, or maybe a lot of stress and jealousy. Who knows what will happen.

These Swingers Erotic Short Stories all take place at the most fabulous Swinger’s Resort in the world, The Swirl Resort, located in exotic Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The resort is owned by beautiful Christine, a concert pianist that has been a professional escort for years, and her boyfriend Jerome who is one of the best paid escorts in the world.

How much sex can a beautiful woman want?

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Her parents tried to create the perfect world for her protecting her from harm. But in their methods, they funneled her right into the hands of her first lover.

She loved him very much and married him way to soon. She thought he and she would go to college one day and make their dreams come true, but he decided to join the armed services.

He was out of the country a lot, and she was on the military base alone, a lot. She got bored and wanted something that she wasn’t getting with him never being at home.

A little became a lot and there was no end in sight.

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“More! Harder! Faster! Now like this! You’re so small, I need one much bigger than that! Idiot!”`

Yes, this is the voice of Tom’s new wife Naomi. She was so beautiful, small, petite, and Asian. Just what Tom had always wanted, an Asian Beauty. To his knowledge, when they got married she was a pure virgin, but little did he know that this little Asian woman had big plans for what happened when the lights went down.

What happens when Tom and Naomi visit the Swirl Resort to feed all of Naomi’s needs? What happens when they swing with a young, newbie, fresh couple?`

Will Naomi control them too?

The answers are just a click away.

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He’s busted. Big time busted by the little wife and she’s pissed off.

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She wants Revenge. Ralph made lots and lots of money. And it was all legit. He bought his wife, Kasey, and their kids everything that any family could ever want. They had brand new everything. The kids went to the best schools, they lived in the best neighborhood, Kasey could buy whatever she wanted to. The only problem was that Ralph worked internationally and that meant international travel, thus, Ralph was only home 5 days out of the month.

When Ralph did come home, there wasn’t too much sex going on and the sex that did happen between he and his wife, sucked.

Then, one day when Ralph was at home, he left the house, and left his cell phone and laptop on the kitchen table, wide open. Emails from women, naked pictures of women from all over the world.

What was Kasey to do?

The answer is just a click away.

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No, You just won’t believe this. Just walk away. It is a bit too much to handle. Save yourself.

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Mimi and Brant loved each other very much. They had been married for sometime, but the romance had seemed to just dry up. They had been seeing a marriage counselor for many months and nothing seemed to be moving them in the right direction.

The marriage counselor was hot. Even Mimi knew she was hot. Mimi from the start wondered if she wanted her husband to spend hours with this hot marriage counselor for months at at time, but she did it for the marriage.

The marriage counselor was out of ideas. She only had one left. One crazy, go for it, hail Mary idea.

What would that be?

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Lube Makes This Story Move

Marcus was a good man with a wife and kids. He had earned his fine, well paying office job. He worked his ass off to keep the job, but then something not totally in his control came up and bad things happened.

Marcus was in debt and he had to come up with cash. It was an accident the job that he moved into. His wife didn’t like it, but the money was great. He made a big name for himself and then he got to be somewhat famous for what he was doing.

Next thing, Marcus got the offer for a 3 year contract at The Swirl Resort. His wife had no idea what the full job description was. Had she known, most likely he would have had to stay at home. But the money was so out of this world that Marcus figured out a way to make it happen.

What was the job description at the Swirl Resort?

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Find a private spot. Get a buzz going on, a really good one and get ready to read a rocker.

Glenda was an innocent girl from a country town. Her parents sent her away to college to help her make a wonderful life for herself. Glenda wanted that to. But when Glenda got to college, Glenda met Billie, a nice girl, but Billie had already flunked out her first year and was back to try it again.

Billie had a lot of friends and went to a lot of college parties. Glenda went with her. That’s when the problems started.

Glenda couldn’t stay awake to get her college projects done so Billie helped her find the solution. The solution was expensive, but Glenda enjoyed the solution, she just couldn’t afford it.

Glenda found a way to pay for the solution, an exchange. This exchange changed her life.

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Swingers Erotic Short Stories

Pro Sport Cheerleaders have coaches too. Off the field, when corporate sponsors want more than a cheer, how far can the coach get these Cheerleaders to go. Will they go all the way and maybe more for the big, bonus dollars?

Yeap, the girls were just another pro sport, cheerleading squad. They worked hard to be the best. They worked hard to keep their spirts up, their bodies perfect, their attitudes high, and their smiles brilliant. They all worked other jobs. Some of them were moms and wives.

But then it happened. Their coach got an offer she couldn’t refuse. The corporate sponsors wanted to see the squad to do a lot more than cheer. The corporate sponsors wanted to see what the girls could really do.

Will the girls accept the challenge?

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She was so hot!

Lesli was a hot, hot, hot woman. She had all of the body parts that any woman, or man, would die to have. But she wasn’t happy with it. No matter how much plastic surgery she had preformed on her body, she always found something wrong with herself.

She couldn’t have an orgasm.

Bryan, her husband was horny and frustrated as hell. Because Lesli was so unhappy with her body, she could hardly give Bryan the time with her, to make love.

Bryan had to find other ways to satisfy his needs without upsetting Lesli, though he loved her.

Bryan thought The Swirl Resort might open Lesli up. That is where Lesli and Bryan met Carmen, the Latino love goddess.

Would Carmen make the relationship of Bryan and Lesli better, or would she destroy it totally.

The answers are just a click away.

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