Swirl Dating RomanceSwirl Dating Romance

Swirl dating Romance is what, “The Swirl Resort Collection,” is all about. For only 99 cents, you can own the adventure.

The Swirl Resort is owned by Christine, one of the most beautiful, curvy, well endowed blonds on the planet, and her partner of business and love, Jerome. Jerome is a big, handsome hunk of black man that has made hundreds of thousands of dollars getting paid by the most wealthy white women from all over the world to give them pleasure. Christine and Jerome specialize in setting up Swirl dating Romance.

To help people from all over the world find Swirl dating romance, Christine and Jerome opened the Swirl Resort providing people access to great interracial pleasure. They have hired the most beautiful, kind, well endowed, black men and women, all well traveled and educated to provide conversation, companionship and yes sexual pleasure to world travelers that lust for this experience.

Christine and Jerome have a long history of Swirl dating romance. Both fell into the business by accident. Christine, born in Birmingham, Alabama, is a concert pianist. She won a scholarship to study classical music in Italy. She couldn’t afford to rent a place, so she stayed with her very wealthy aunty who had an extremely successful business. It was a club, an establishment, and men and women, black men, white women, black women, whit men, they visited from all over the world to enjoy one another. I guess you would say, they all wanted Swirl Dating Romance.

Jerome’s Spanish teacher in Indianapolis, wife of a congressman, always had a thing for the young Jerome. She paid him well to,,,,, well she paid him, and she was so happy to pay him, she told her wealthy friends, and they paid him too. She was a great woman that loved Swirl Dating Romance.

Somehow, you’ll see, Christine and Jerome meet. The rest is history.

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