Swirl Paying for Pleasure

Hi there, I’m Olivia Hampshire. You may have done a search for, “Swirl Paying for Pleasure.” If you did, this is your page. I write hot, steamy Swirl Romance novels, and this one, “Priceless! Paying for Pleasure,” kept me hot through the entire writing process, knowing that one of the main characters would end up in her dream room at the Swirl Resort, “The Mandingo Room.”

Speaking of Swirl, paying for pleasure, this is what this book is all about. This swirl, romantic adventure takes place at the Swirl Resort, located on the ocean in the wonderful city of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The Swirl Resort is owned by Christine, one of the most beautiful, curvy, well endowed blonds on the planet, and her partner of business and love, Jerome. Jerome is a big, handsome hunk of black man that has made hundreds of thousands of dollars getting paid by the most wealthy white women from all over the world to give them pleasure.

Speaking of Swirl, paying for pleasure, Christine and Jerome opened the Swirl Resort providing people access to great interracial pleasure. They have hired the most beautiful, kind, well endowed, black men and women, all well traveled and educated to provide conversation, companionship and yes sexual pleasure to world travelers that lust for this experience.

Oh, did we say, Swirl, paying for pleasure. In this stand alone book, 4 single, somewhat wealthy white women decide to vacation at the luxurious Swirl Resort. One has decided that she is going to pay for sex until she can’t take anymore. She is a professional with an ok job, that pays great money. A friend of hers is in the situation where her husband has just died and she is just along to see the beach and get away from her Sacramento home for a while. The third, a sexy, wonderful real estate attorney, is looking for love, she has only made bad decisions with men in the past, so she goes along for the ride with great caution. The fourth one, she needs money.

This is a love and lust adventure. Enjoy the ride.

This book is free on Amazon.com.  You can own it by clicking here.

Note, as of August 11, 2017, it was $2.99, by August 20th of 2017, it will surely be free.