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Hi, Thanks for visiting. I’m Olivia Hampshire, author of “The Swirl Resort “ Swirl Romance series. I just love black men. I truly do, I don’t know what it is. So I thought that I would write a Swirl Romance series. I couldn’t help myself.

In my Swirl Romance series, what I came up with was a place, pretty much a brothel all for white women like me that are looking for Swirl Romance. I mean not and heavy ( not all of the time, most of the time it’s pretty down to earth) Swirl Romance.

So, I made up a place, The Swirl Resort, located in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The Swirl Resort is owned and managed by a couple. The woman is a beautiful, young, white woman (also a concert pianist) born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. The guy is a black guy, Jerome, with his M.B.A., tall, dark and handsome, born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. Both speak 3 or 4 languages. Who would have thought? Both are extremely sexy and fell into the business of selling themselves for lots and lots of money. I mean lots of money. But they came up with something far beyond sex, they came up with a classy place for white women with lots of money that are interested in Swirl Romance.

Rich white women from all over the world, looking for Swirl Romance, bring their gold cards to provide compensation to the escorts at The Swirl Resort. These are some of the most handsome, well educated, well traveled, charming and well hung, black men on the planet.

The Swirl Resort attracts a lot of other people too. Many affluent black men travel there, knowing that intelligent, successful, interesting white women looking for Swirl Romance will be there.

The Swirl Resort accommodates wealthy black women looking for Swirl Romance with hot white men.

It is a classy place right on the ocean in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The Resort is right on the beach. All of the rooms have private, ocean jacuzzis. A large bar on the roof, and lots of room for beach walking, or beach swirling.

Each book is full of swirl romance, suspense, and mystery. That’s what life is all about eh.

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Swirl Romance

Pipe Dream

She thought her love was for the piano. Christine was her name, but then she went to live with her Auntie for what Christine thought would be a short while. Her Auntie was a mysterious, knowledgeable person that earned lots of money. More money than Christine had ever imagined. What’s more, all of her Auntie’s money came from providing women pleasures that made them very satisfied. These extremely wealthy women came from all over the world for what Auntie had to satisfy their deepest fantasies.
Christine would never, ever be the same.

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swirl romance

Swirl Romance, The Swirl Resort, Part 2
“Priceless! Paying for Pleasure.

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In this swirl romance episode we have a group of not so satisfied, professional, white women, mostly from Sacramento, CA. One of them has decided to visit the Swirl Resort for Swirl Romance and she knows exactly why she is going and as a big budget for the escorts. The other three just happen to go along for the ride, one of them thinking that they will just stay away from the resort and do a lot of beach walking.

Then we have three black men, one from Atlanta, one from Oakland, and one from Seattle. Two are on the up and up, but they all are coming for similar reasons.

This swirl romance book is a must read. In part three, one of the women summarize her night in the Mandingo Room that she rented that comes with 6 escorts for the night.

The ending is great.  After you read it, please leave a kind review on Amazon.

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