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“I just loved this book. What an add to my collection of Swirl stories. Loved the conversation and the character development. I never knew what was going to happen next. My heart opened up to many of the characters, and closed down with discuss to others. The ending was, well, I don’t want to spoil the party for anyone. For people looking for a Swirl Stories, better yet, Swirl Romance Stories, this is the book for me. The Author has a collection that I got on her mailing list for, and she’s coming out with more. Wow.” Leslie, London, England

“It is so hard to believe that in this day an age race is still so much of an issue, but this book really brings it out. And the two main characters are real people, not like the ones you see on television or in music videos. I am glad I ran into Olivia’s swirl stories. Sure am. Television gives people of different cultures and racial backgrounds one pant of the brush for all. As a long time interracial participant, this story portrays two people, and even more, that are just regular people exploring life and the consequences of making what can be, or actually are, very hard decisions. And the peer pressure, the family pressures.

A really good, well developed swirl story. I love swirl stories. I love black men, they are so hot!, Colorado Springs, CO

“I just can’t wait till more of Olivia’s swirl stories comes out. I couldn’t put this one down. I started reading it on break at work and I ended up taking the rest of the day off to see how it all finished up. Not at all like any story I have read on the subject, or any movie I have ever seen. They don’t make movies like this in our country. The realism is just too real. People can’t take it.” Bridget, NY, NY

“I’ve been in a Black and White relationship for 28 years, it’s one of those pretty wild swirl stories in itself. The media puts so many people, especially African Americans in such little groups, like they are all the same, and so different from White people. This book was very well written and I loved the ending. The ending just throws an option out there that makes so much sense. A great adventure. I the middle I was really surprised at the twist both characters went through. This book was a piece of art, not trashy like a lot of the stuff is listed under interracial.” Catherine, Silver Springs, MD

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